Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela - Alfabeto Analfabeto, Monitor

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“[W]hen we see beauty in desolation it changes something inside you. Desolation tries to colonize you.”

- Jeff VanderMeer

For the exhibition at MONITOR this artist duo developed a new body of work specifically for the gallery space. In the first room there are five paintings that present proto characters drawn with gouache over acrylic plaster and pigment, in fragmented compositions, that suggest proximity to a potencial language evoked through bones and inner shapes.

In the basement, an immersive environment was created, a space of projection and acid innerness in which all the elements are wrapped by different tones of green. From the floor of the room erupt ambiguous sculptures that evoke horns, turning the environment strange, visceral, aggressive - where at the same time a video where the image of a mortuary mask is manipulated.

Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela - Alfabeto Analfabeto
Monitor, May 11 - June 16