VALENTIN ( Paris ) - Booth installation view.

VALENTIN ( Paris ) - Booth installation view.

On the last day of Art Brussels, an art fair established in 1968 in one of the most emerging art capitals in Europe, Aujourd'hui presents a brief selection of its favourite booths in this year's edition. Attracting approximately 30,000 visitors, the fair offers the best emerging and established galleries and artists from around the world, as well as an exciting program for its visitors. A stage for musical performances by contemporary artists, a feature and documentary film program and a gallery night with free shuttles circulating between the different galleries are just some of the treats the fair has to offer. 

ROD BARTON ( London )

Artists: Kenneth Alme, Oliver Perkins, Chris Succo and Luc Fuller.

VALENTIN ( Paris )

Artists: Cécile Bart, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Stephen Felton, Laurent Grasso, David Renggli, Patrick Saytour

SUPER DAKOTA ( Brussels )

Artists: Baptiste Caccia, Ariane Schick


Artists: Davide Balula, Walead Beshty, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Kendell Geers, Sean Landers, Thomas Lerooy, Chris Martin, Adam McEwen, Sam Moyer, Torbjørn Rødland

STEVE TURNER ( Los Angeles )

Artist: Hannah Perry

MÚRIAS CENTENO ( Lisbon and Oporto )

Artists: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Gabriel Lima, Max Ruf

GALERIE JEANROCHDARD ( Paris and Brussels )


Artist: Bela Pablo Janssen

Valentin Paris, Galerie Jeanrochdard and Galerie Rodolph Janssen photographed by Hugard & Vanoverschelde.

Art Brussels 2015
April 24 - April 27