The past week has been an historic one for the art market, many times over. From Picasso's sale of over 179 million US Dollars - the most expensive single work at auction - to Giacometti's record of the most expensive sculpture ever sold at a little over 141 million US Dollars, and everything in between. Phillip's spring auction had to be interrupted when someone fainted in the room as Fracis Bacon's bid passed the 25 million mark and even living artists saw their markets breaking personal records. Such was the case for Christopher Wool who's work sold for nearly 30 million US Dollars and Peter Doig's for just a little over 25 million. 50 Million dollars has just become the new normal for auction masterpieces, all while high volumes of work are also being shown and traded at Frieze in New York and Venice's Biennale. Aujourd'hui has made a selection of the most significant sales and some of our favourite works. 

Pablo Picasso, Les Femmes d'Alger - Estimate on request Sold for: 179,365,000$USD

Alberto Giacometti, L'homme au doigt - Estimate on request Sold for: 141,285,000$USD

Peter Doig, Swamped - Estimate on request Sold for: 25,925,000$USD

Mark Rothko, Untitled (Yellow and Blue) - Estimate (40-60,000,000$USD) Sold for: 46,450,000$USD

Roy Lichtenstein, The Ring (Engagement) - Estimate on request Sold for: 41,690,000$USD

Christopher Wool, Untitled (Riot) - Estimate (12-18,000,000$USD) Sold for: 29,930,000$USD.

Sigmar PolkeJungle - Estimate on request Sold for: 27,130,000$USD

Keith Haring, Dog - Estimate (500-700,000$USD) Sold for: 1,690,000$USD

Jonas Wood, Black still life with flower pattern - Estimate (80-120,000$USD) Sold for: 610,000$USD

Rudolf Stingel, Untitled - Estimate (2,500,000-3,500,000$USD) Sold for: 4,757,000$USD

Lucien FreudBenefits Supervisor Resting - Estimate (30-50,000,000$USD) Sold for: 56,165,000$USD

Sterling Ruby, SP196 - Estimate (500-700,000$USD) Sold for: 665,000$USD

Jason Martin, Untitled - Estimate (40-60,000$USD) Sold for: 56,250$USD