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Dear Claus,

Stay alive

Sitting in a bush holding a dog’s paw
The spider web that swept in during the mystery of night
Leveling mountainsides
A blackberry seed caught between teeth

Solemn shivering rainstorm, clinched hands, fog rising, smoking under umbrella A way to stare piercingly into each other

Humans breathing under cantilevers, through pouring water, hope reflecting from everything, alone, together, looking

Screaming hard from the deepest part of your guts psychotic irrational primal breakneck tarpaper spear dirtbath forevernap

Jaguar red indelible furious sunrise
One thousand mile diffuse effusive spiritual pine mountaintop Infinite sapience eclipsing, collapsing

Spit crimson into the shower
Church organing Kawasaki serrate air chattering off the landscape

Worms curl in
Scuffed boat hull Disparate granularity Wavering teenage voices Polynomial objectivity Manic bliss

I heard once that life is a dream inside the mind of God.
Art is us telling ourselves that we are alive, inside this dream, inside this mad mind.
I dont give a fuck where we are- here in some philosophical solipsist I can hear birds at 5am take pharmaceutical h-dab in airports nod out typing and drink coffee wind is in trees behind my head Im alive

Nothing about us is about stasis it is all about the language of life bursting in every direction from every fucking thing

Andrew Birk

Exhibiting artists: Ricardo Passaporte, Pedro Matos, Martin Lukac, Jenny Brosinski, Giuseppe De Mattia, Francesca Longhini, Grant Wells, Joshua Evan, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Søren Sejr, Gijs van Lith, Jonas Lund, Peter Mohall, Tove Storch, Andrew Birk, Steven Cox, David Stjernholm, Jon Pilkington, Matthew David Smith, Ted Gahl, James Krone, E.B. Itso, Wolfgang Voegele, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Ethan Cook, Sophia Pompéry, Angelo Volpe, Magnus Thierfelder, Lorenzo De Angelis, David Rosado, Andreas Albrectsen, Rieko Hotta, Lazar Lyutakov, Jan S. Hansen, Adam Jeppesen, Morten Barker, Ismar Cirkinagic, Anders Bülow, Habib Farajabadi, Ryan Nord Kitchen, Francois Patoue, Cody Tumblin, John Knuth, Manuel Forte, Morten Knudsen, Charles Munka, Alexander Tillegreen, Antonio Della Corte & Alessandro Moroder

Selected Works from the Bech Risvig Collection
Huset for Kunst og Design, August 20 - October 1