Pedro Matos & Konrad Wyrebek - Beneath the Surface, Eduardo Secci Contemporary

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Beneath the Surface tackles the issues concerning the image, from its creation to its distinctiveness, as well as the dynamics of its transmission and the concrete integration within a support. More specifically, through painting, the works by the two authors question the expressive possibilities that emerge from the interactions implicated by environmental contexts and the media. In such a process, the observation and the causality of both the stimulus and of interactions gains vital importance; a state in which we're not drawn to understand the differences between high and low registry, between personal and universal, between intelligible content and hermetic form. The exhibit's works document how the artwork – an image in itself – is the final and distilled form of the infinite possibilities that appear during a constant process of selection, rejection and metamorphosis.

The works on canvas by Pedro Matos portray several blown-up images of incisions, casually noticed on walls, wooden doors, school desks and trees. These marks, at times barely comprehensible, are normally seen and then instantaneously forgotten due to their lack of visual syntax and real contents of interest: they're scraps, relics left by someone before us. Matos incorporates these visual clusters on the surface, using these marks to create a painting that apparently lacks both a subject and syntax, and is characterized by a sense of metaphysical suspension.

The works by Konrad Wyrebek originate from the artist's interest towards the error that occurs during the transmission of electronic images and when employing the necessary compression algorithms. The artist collects photograms, which present defects within the visual stream, and then elaborates and transforms them into a subject. However, this subject is conceptual, and is layered on canvas in the geometric form of abstraction, where we can recognize matrices, reiterated portions of colors and pixels. Therefore, the final image depicted on the canvas is the result of a slow, pictorial stratification process, in part casual and in part conducted by the artist, and leads the audience to observe, question and get lost. 

Curated by Daniele Capra.

Pedro Matos and Konrad Wyrebek - Beneath the Surface
Eduardo Secci Contemporary, September 8 - October 13