Béla Pablo Janssen - Mit Wenig nach Venedig, Arthotek Cologne


Béla Pablo Janssen (BPJ) presents ten works from his last three years‘ work in his first institutional solo exhibition in Cologne under the title „Mit Wenig nach Venedig“ (With Little to Venice).
BPJ interprets the world through drawing and film, he creates recurring motifs, which permeate an archive of visual experiences, creating a continuity that runs right through to his current work. Drawings and paintings, posters, pub- lications, found-objects or objects, create a tangible representation of an artist‘s life. Similar motifs emerge in different contexts, which help us establish a connection to the personality of the artist – to our perception of what an artist is, and to the real person. In „Mit Wenig nach Venedig“ BPJ puts his delight in having exchanges with people, and in the work he carries out during his journeys, at the centre of a possible narrative.

„Wenig“ (Little) written with a capital letter in the title becomes a subject, if personal experience and memory are al- ways tangible and retrievable, they become a spiritual travel companion, so to speak. On the walls of the artothek, visitors are welcomed by four large silkscreen prints on  canvas. They show drawings in which relationships of forms have been captured like snapshots. Drawings are arranged in a still life as a sheet, with a bowl and flower arrangement, and reproduced oversized. Despite the serial potential of the silkscreen printing method, BPJ denies this reproducibility, these works are unique and thus refer to the act of repetition in the repeated gesture of drawing. Silkscreen printing as a medium which lives between photography and painting also allows the artist to play with colour, combining the illusionistic colour-space in the picture with the technical objectivity of the printing process. In dialogue with these figurative works are abstract reliefs, which make a formal and real constructive referen- ce. With a wooden frame enclosing glass inserted into the pure canvas, they represent in the picture the question of real space declining the pictorial space, which is partly brought into play poetically and conceptually. These works from the series „Le soleil se lève derrière l‘abstraction“ were created in 2015 and will be shown in the artothek for the first time. On the balcony of the artothek, exhibition cases invite you to look at fictional storyboards and to ask yourself the ques- tion: what „a house without a door“ has to do with bronze wedges? A glance over the railing refreshes the memory of what one has previously seen and opens possible ways into the world of BPJ.

Béla Pablo Janssen - Mit Wenig nach Venedig
Arthotek Cologne, June 14 - July 28