Brian Kokoska’s first solo installation in Canada, is a haunting domestic environment. Remnants of fabricated and found objects, sentimental belongings from deceased family members, altered collectibles and other memorabilia adorn the artist’s gestural paintings of androgynous figures. Pointy nipples and bulging abdomens create disrupted figural compositions in an environment straddling the border of abstraction and figuration. The result is a combination of fiction and heightened expressions from remembered interactions experienced by Kokoska.

Skeleton Veins houses imperfect memories from the artist’s childhood, a collection of kitschy interiors: daycares, bedrooms, playrooms, and hotel rooms. An older Kokoska unconsciously recreates his primordial figures that he once depicted as a child. These drawings were so explicitly sexual, he would hide them from his mother in his sock drawer.

Skeleton Veins evokes a loss of stability in which the viewer is confronted with obstacles of colour-blocking, a reference to Kokoska’s earlier use of the spectrum or rainbow in his paintings and drawings. Veering away from a monochromatic- themed room, an ambiguous narrative is created - one that is open to interpretation, yet steeped in inescapable dark playfulness.

Brian Kokoska - Skeleton Veins
L'Inconnue, January 19 - April 1