Installation view,  The F Word , Arken Museum

Installation view, The F Word, Arken Museum

Installation view,   The F Word  , Arken Museum

Installation view, The F Word, Arken Museum

David Ostrowski,  F (A thing is a thing in a whole which it's not)(left), F (imagine if)(right) , 2014

David Ostrowski, F (A thing is a thing in a whole which it's not)(left), F (imagine if)(right), 2014

David Ostrowski in his studio (left),  The F Word  catalogue(Right)

David Ostrowski in his studio (left), The F Word catalogue(Right)

Beauty lays in mistakes. The young German artist David Ostrowski hurls himself headlong into an exploration of the boundaries of painting and the potential of cultivating emptiness, chance and any mistakes that may arise in the painting process. In a solo exhibition at ARKEN, Ostrowski shows how even a work about nothing is always about something – including beauty.
With openness and curiosity Ostrowski investigates the basic fundamentals of painting and material. Whether by applying fragments of canvas, newsprint or paper to a raw, untreated canvas or spraying a gesture of paint onto an otherwise blank canvas, Ostrowski opens his mind to the unexpected surprises that follow in the wake of mistakes and chance occurrences.
How much can one remove, or how little must one add to produce a painting that in some inexplicable way works?
The works in this exhibition all come from Ostrowski’s series of ‘F paintings’ in which all titles begin with the letter ‘F’. Perhaps ‘F’ stands for Fehler (mistake) and the freedom that embracing mistakes permits – or perhaps ‘F’ references the lowest grade in the American school system: a zero point which can be seen as a new beginning from which opens up boundless horizons. Ostrowski seeks beauty in nothing.
The exhibition consists of twelve recent works which Ostrowski has installed in a way which engages the architecture of the space.  Five paintings are suspended within the space and function both as paintings and as architecture, breaking up the large open space and forcing us to experience the works form multiple angles. The viewer must choose his or her own path.
For the exhibition ARKEN and Peres Projects are publishing a richly illustrated catalogue with newly-written articles about Ostrowski by the German art critic Jörg Heiser and by ARKEN’s director Christian Gether. The catalogue is in English and sells in the ARKEN shop.
The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with Peres Projects, Berlin.

David Ostrowski - The F Word
Arken Museum, February 28 - June 14