This exhibition is called “The Charm…” because it is the third one. It does not mean that the two former ones were not good. They were what they were and this one is “The Charm…”.

For this third exhibition at the gallery, I am going to show paintings. Some of these paintings are oil on canvas, others are oil on paper, and a few are oil on wood, which is a new thing. I am really excited for it is the first time that I am actually putting together a strict painting show in Brussels which is my hometown. 

I am not going to formally describe these paintings nor am I going to tell the public about some underlying meanings. I believe that a good painting always speaks for itself and never requires any sort of explanation.

— Harold Ancart

Photos by Allan Bovenberg, courtesy of Xavier Hufkens and Harold Ancart.

Harold Ancart - The Charm...
Xavier Hufkens, April 20 - May 27