Jacana’s frontal shield or frontal as shields are frontal - THE WORKBENCH INTERNATIONAL

Exhition view 1_ Pedro Matos_Alice Ronchi.jpg
Alice Ronchi_Shyla is a man_2016_C-Print_ 30x40cm each.jpg
Exhition view 3_ Apparatus22_Marco Giordano.jpg
Alice Ronchi_Shyla is a man_2016_C-Print_ 30x40 cm each.jpg
Exhition view 2_  Marco Giordano_Ricardo passaporte.jpg
PedroMatos_Untitled_2017_enamel on unprimed canvas_40x50 cm copia.jpg
LOW Mirko Canesi_Rocaille part_2017_90x60 cm .jpg

The “frontal shield” is a colorful element present in nature in the anatomy of a number of species of birds. Set on the bird’s forehead, the “shield” is used to visually attract while at the same time functioning as a protection device. There is also a link between the frontal shield and levels of testosterone production by the males.
A shield, by its own definition, manifests itself in a relationship of constant and potentially infinite “frontality”, interpreted in the exhibition as a determining aspect of the work itself in a parallelism as direct as possible between the work and the beneficiary.
The project will amount to the exhibition of six works, set up in a way that permits their individual reading, avoiding thus an obvious visual relationship between them. This has the aim of turning the frontality in a specific factor and not a collateral element, subordinated to the display, but a precise medium, actively chosen by the artist.

Exhibiting artists: Alice Ronchi, Apparatus 22, Mirko Canesi, Marco Giordano, Pedro Matos, Ricardo Passaporte.
Curated by Pietro Di Lecce.

Jacana’s frontal shield or frontal as shields are frontal
December 20 - February 20