Marguerite Humeau - FOXP2, Nottingham Contemporary


Marguerite Humeau has described herself as an “Indiana Jones in Google times.” Her exhibition, titled FOXP2, is a partnership between Nottingham Contemporary and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where it opened earlier this year. This ambitious project will be shown in two of our four galleries. Hovering somewhere between research and speculative fiction, Humeau has constructed what she calls a “biological showroom”. She tells stories about the origins of life and language, the development of consciousness and our possible future.

Prototypes of elephants have been developed via conversations with scientists and other specialists. They display different degrees of sentience as they are brought to life, even as they are engaged in a mourning ritual. There will be a bold re-enactment of the moment when a mutation of the FOXP2 gene, the title of the exhibition, led to a structural change in the human larynx, allowing our ancestors to develop language.

Marguerite Humeau - FOXP2
Nottingham Contemporary, October 15 - January 15