For his fifth exhibition at the gallery and second on Broome Street, Connors has altered the gallery floor plan into four equal but open quarters. The paintings are held in specific groups while at the same time these added walls create overlapping perspectives and the possibility for non linear encounters.

The term ‘hocket' refers to a spasmodic or interrupted effect produced by dividing a melody between two parts, notes in one part coinciding with rests in the other.  Similarly, Connor’s installation continually shifts our vista of the paintings, dismantling the notion of the center, and allowing the viewer to experience the paintings as events as well as images.

Many of the works draw from personal collections of gifts, records, artworks and books amassed in the artists studio. These stacks are abstracted by color and recast into drawing, with essentially found composition. The resulting paintings are as much views to the artists thoughts as riffs on how we see and feel real and imagined spaces. One composition that repeats in a number of paintings (“Hocket”, “After Hocket (Gold)” and “Hocket Study”), is a still life derived from one of these stacks of personal objects and other artworks. Conveying a warmth beyond the logic of their formal aesthetics, these paintings are an index of what matters most to the artist’s life.

Matt Connors - Hocket
CANADA, October 20 - December 10