(…) I m going outside of the Villa to observe the details from the city-museum and abroad. There is what the tourist goes to see, with the help of his city guide, and what i decide to look at. Some little monuments composed with shells found on the beach try to compete with the Renaissance decorative conchs visible on Palace and fountains in the historic city center. A Pope face coffee mug, different types of cheap souvenirs gift for tourists. And everyday, a different decor, a sky with blazing colors :a painting from the Renaissance or a reproduction made in China of a Roman sky. An anti-intrusion fence reveal another potential and act as a pause time. A concrete block found in the Corviale take the name "Palazzo", while the precious wood from the big centenary pine is transformed into small furniture from the mass retail. Traces on city walls as much of "potential-paintings", some abandoned objects, found, collected into the Bosco or in San Vittorio. Aria di Roma is Neuilly-Sarcelles, both Versailles's suburbs told by flowers, and Ponentino, this refreshing gift coming directly from the suburbs…

- O.K-T, 2017

Photos by Pierluigi di Pietro.

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine - Aria Di Roma (part of in Swimming is Saving - curated by Chiara Parisi).
Villa Medici, July 13 - August 17