Giorgio Galotti gallery, on the occasion of the opening of the new space, is thrilled to present the first solo show by Piotr Skiba. The exhibition presents two works in a deep dialogue between them and realised specifically for the new location; one, environment related and the other of reduced size. The intervention aims to match two basic elements of Piotr’s approach: on one hand the brightness of the materials involved, on the other hand the artisan process that confers a rather primitive aura around which his research process is developed. In this last production the artist maximizes his technique by introducing a composition crossing different aspects, beginning with the usage of oxidised copper industrial fabrics, treated with a combustion process that overturned their colour and shape, to get to the traditional bronze sculpture, placed in the center of the wall like a holy and dreamlike object.

Many of his debut projects are focused on topics such as exclusion, intolerance, racism and social alienation. Here the reflection moves towards used and abandoned materials, produced by the industrialisation process, turning into sinuous shapes in a direct relation with the Earth's surface. Piotr aims to focus on the evolution of some artificial shapes that, once forgotten, can't be considered waste materials anymore but part of the nature itself, being able to coexist and to absorb all the elements into it, turning artificial objects into sinuous shapes and vegetal figures. With this exhibition Piotr Skiba gets into a neutral and immaculate space as well as these objects become part of the terrestrial atmosphere, laying down his works into the environment of the gallery, eluding the concept of the exhibition to get a direct connection with the reality we are living in.

Piotr Skiba
Giorgio Galotti, March 5 - April 30