SARA CHANG YAN - Escuto o Silêncio, Fala Inteiro e Com Precisão, GALERIA MADRAGOA

Madragoa is exhibiting Escuto o Silêncio, Fala Inteiro e Com Precisão, the first solo exhibition by Sara Chang Yan at the gallery.

Sara Chang Yan’s artistic practice is focused on drawing and investigates the spatial potentialities of the sheet of paper, not treated as a two-dimensional surface but as a field that actively responds to her interventions and gestures. Dots, lines, geometrical shapes and clusters of signs, traced by pencil or watercolour, are the transcription of an intimate vision that becomes concrete on the paper support, which is also marked by holes, cuts, and by the removal of thin layers of paper itself. Through this interplay of solids and voids, the artist underlines the lightness and fragility of the material and at the same time, instead of merely considering it as the plane of representation, the sheet is charged with a new sculptural force. Hanging from the ceiling, the drawings inhabit the room and their presence reshapes the space, engaging with viewer in a reciprocal relation with their physical perception. These works on paper act as dynamic, vibrant entities that can be looked at from both sides and, as the viewer moves or the light changes, they reveal unnoticed details and suggest different perspectives. The drawings are not just visual events, but convey also invisible movements, tactile sensations and sound experiences, unveiled by the passage of time. Drawing practice is for Sara Chang Yan an exercise of inner investigation, translated into a vocabulary in which a particular rhythm obtained from a juxtaposition of signs and gestures, shapes and shades, give substance to states, energies and tensions, as well as ephemeral things or abstract concepts. Suspended in their essentiality, the drawings are thin, permeable membranes, marking the passage from an inner dimension to the outside world.

For the exhibition Escuto o Silêncio, Fala Inteiro e Com Precisão, Sara Chang Yan will present a new series of works on paper, focused in particular on the perception of silence, and a wall drawing that will extend through the space of the gallery.

Sara Chang Yan - Escuto o Silêncio, Fala Inteiro e Com Precisão
Galeria Madragoa, June 23 - September 9