Pamela Rosenkranz - She Has No Mouth, Sprüth Magers


Pamela Rosenkranz investigates the meaning of human nature in the contemporary world. Her artistic research references various fields of knowledge – from medicine, religion and philosophy, to art and marketing. These references are aimed at questioning the way we see and perceive things, and at exploring the way the elements, advertising, and culture influence our identity. Working with a variety of media, sometimes in unusual pairings, that range from branded water bottles to Amazon Echo speakers, materials including pigments and pheromones, neuro-active microbes and parasites, colors and scents, she addresses the shifting meanings of the ‘natural’ and the ‘human’ in the Anthropocene age. Her persistence as to the ‘naturalness’ of seemingly unnatural materials evaporates the foundational distinction between ‘organic’ and ‘synthetic’.

The color blue has been one of the primary factors in Rosenkranz' investigations. The ability to perceive blue was developed at a pre-evolutionary stage when life forms existed solely underwater, and humans remain more sensitive to it than any other color. “Our vision, like our other sense organs, is not abstract, but is very much influenced and shaped by the long natural history of the species that preceded humankind,” Rosenkranz notes.

Recently the artist has started working with backlit imageless screens, creating immersive environments that invoke an artificial version of the high noon sky-blue, RGB, that permeates our screens and washes ubiquitously over the Internet. It generates a simultaneously cerebral and spiritual experience, that transcends the physical quality of the color. The sensual experience is also contested by the artist’s constitutive vision: how are our existential feelings, our behaviors, our sexual attraction and, ultimately, our reception of art, altered by neuro-active matter of the ‘beyond’ that is yet to be breached? 

Pamela Rosenkranz - She Has No Mouth
Sprüth Magers, April 28 - June 17