Sara Greenberger Rafferty - Testing, Rachel Uffner Gallery


Rachel Uffner Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Sara Greenberger Rafferty. For her fifth solo show with the gallery, Rafferty has created a suite of works in kiln-formed glass – a new process and medium for the artist. Using a limited palette, Rafferty’s glass works function as image, screen, and material. They are transparent and translucent images formed and deformed by the kiln’s metamorphic heat and the intrinsic properties of glass.

Much of the exhibition’s imagery is pulled from archival, stock, and discarded commercial film, primarily purchased via eBay. These include scans of negative and positive film, both in color and black and white, representing photographic exercises by teachers and students alike, along with orphaned promotional imagery of the pre-digital era. In addition, Rafferty references tools of vision, perception, and physical sensation. Iconography of body parts, a magnifying glass, books, and toys are layered and, in some cases, obscured in the process.

Testing, a word that the artist has used for individual artwork titles in the past, implies preparation and trepidation: of the microphone check of the stand-up comic, the rock and roll frontman (or the Queen of Soul); of the pedagogical examination of a student; of the diagnostic tool searching for an explanation; of the misfit – or even just a child – trying to define boundaries and lines of transgression, alternately failing and succeeding with each step.

Sara Greenberger Rafferty - Testing
Rachel Uffner Gallery, September 12 - October 28

Contribution by Timothy Hull.