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The Browsing Chamber explores the relation between process-based artists and the contemporary image culture. Five young international talents will exhibit works in a salon-style exhibition that will cover the entire surface of the backspace of the gallery, from floor to ceiling.  All participating artists make process-based abstract works, which relate to painting in a systematic manner. These young artists are inspired by their largely digital surroundings and the way images are indexed on the Internet. The neatly organized grids of images provided by search engines have become a point of first contact for people interested in the work of an artist. This exhibition strategy can be viewed as a three-dimensional interpretation of a google image search. Entering the backspace should speak of human scale and our interaction with artworks grounded in their materials.

For The Browsing Chamber, Dutch painter Gijs van Lith selected four artists who create works that connect with his own brand of process-based abstraction. One can discern a loosely connected group of artists who are looking for non-figurative visual languages that find their origin in the collision of mechanical repetition and the act of creating. They are searching for 'glitches' or unexpected results of analogue and digital systems. By repeating gestures to the point of fatigue small deviations from a self-imposed grid appear. These unavoidable imperfections result in works that appear very dynamic and expressive while their origin is very strict and conceptual. Many of the artists work with the idea of creative destruction. Destroying something that already exists leads to a wide range of new starting points. This is an idea that has taken ground in the discourse concerning painting itself. A young generation of artists is picking up the shards of the wreck of the medium to rearrange them into something new. 

Exhibiting artists: Steven Cox, Samuel Fran├žois, Ina Gerken, Gijs van Lith, Pierre Obando
Curated by Gijs van Lith.

The Browsing Chamber
TORCH GALLERY, November 25 - January 6