LUÍS LÁZARO MATOS - Tomber Dans Le Lac, Galeria Madragoa

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In the melancholy of the chroma Blue of Prussia, we see immersed the after death of King Louis II of Bavaria, in “Tomber Dans Le Lac”. To fall into the lake, an expression that in French means to fall into a world of illusions, is the diving board of Lázaro Matos to perform a tragicomic acrobatics on the perils of dazzle. Ironically, it was on the Lake Starnberger that the defunct body of Louis II of Bavaria was found, three days after being deposed. This State figure, known for contracting debts and withdrawing from matters of the State, is the driving force of various follies, opulent buildings built on dreams and musings. Lázaro Matos presents these works as narcissus-castles, accentuating an architectural view as an extension of the self. One of the undertakings of this delusional and megalomaniac legacy, the Neuschwanstein Castle, is the inspiring model of the Disney Castle, this American stronghold where so many unattainable romantic stories are written, especially when we talk about queer lives. "(...) searching for romantic love, but always abandoning my book too soon (...)". Atop a transparent blue, we see a moray reciting the outbursts of the scorned sovereign which metamorphize into an astonishing confessional manifesto. The aesthetic exaggerations of privilege cover the solitude of the bottom of an unknown lake. 

Textt by Rodrigo Vaiapraia , May 9th, 2018, Lisbon.

Luís Lazaro Matos - Tomber Dans Le Lac
Galeria Madragoa, May 16 - July 21