Tracy Thomason,  A Well and a Wealth or a Spine and it's Center , 2016

Tracy Thomason, A Well and a Wealth or a Spine and it's Center, 2016

 Tracy Thomason,  Batter Your Breasts With Your Fists , 2017

Tracy Thomason, Batter Your Breasts With Your Fists, 2017


education understood to include everything that happens to us from the moment we enter this world of meaningful symbols, signs, and signals. – Linda Nochlin

Marinaro is pleased to present Tracy Thomason’s first New York solo exhibition, a series of textural paintings built from the slowness and layering of classical painting and sculptural material.

In Thomason’s work, paint and marble dust are hand-mixed into a clay-like material and carefully applied to linen surfaces. Layered in sequence with surgical precision, a mottled rocky ground forms over time, revealing themselves to have more in common with something remembered from the Cave of Forgotten Dreams or a chunk of washed up rubble on the beach.

The artist’s mark fluctuates between the quick stabs of stone carving tools, knife slices, and the gentle insistence of a powdery drawn line. Sculpted abstract glyphs are applied in meditation, snapping the works into graphic clarity from one painting to the next, developing an economy of form as language. These paintings are meant to be read in addition to being felt.

Thomason's paintings begin to mirror themselves through the doubling of form and
imagery. Drawing attention to the relationship between forms and negative space, denser shapes often reference the female body or summon nocturnal landscapes. Where one asserts itself as something of the corporeal, the same form acts as a period at the end of a sentence—a black hole to absorb your gaze. Flat color is a pause for contemplation and remembrance, reminding you where you are located.

Occupying a physical space the scale of a modest bathroom mirror or that of an oversized newspaper unfolded in completion, suggests the importance of looking and how to experience the world around us. In the 1970’s informational text, ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’, women were encouraged to use a hand mirror as an exploratory tool, ‘take a mirror and examine yourself, after all you are your body and you are not obscene.” 

Tracy Thomason - Symbols, Signs and Signals
MARINARO, November 17 - December 22

Contribution by Timothy Hull.