Voyage au bout de la nuit - THE COURT


THE COURT, the newly created concept space in Pescara, has the pleasure to present the first exhibition project Voyage au bout de la nuit curated by Maurizio Vicerè - Vice and with the participation of the artists Cosimo Casoni, Andrea Martinucci and Marco Strappato. The exhibition will take place in the new Law Firm Di Pietro - Lucchi in Piazza della Rinascita, 24 Pescara. THE COURT is a project designed to find opportunities for encounter between visual artists and intellectuals through literary works among the most recognized of the 21st century. For this first edition we have tried to develop a meeting between the artists Casoni, Martinucci, Strappato and the fundamental work Voyage au bout de la nuit - Journey to the end of the night - by author Louis Ferdinand Celine. It will then start from the very title of the novel as an exclusive material of reflection and left to the free interpretation of artists. It is no coincidence that the three artists have been chosen to work with convergence points and conceptual proximity to amplify the aura of Celiniana's work, unique in its genre and inspiration for most modern and contemporary literature. The Journey and the Night are therefore the edges that limit the presence of a whole where chaos occurs through the impossibility of a linear path since, while it is true that time moves in one direction, the same cannot be said of man who through two infinite - the inner one and the one just out of the body - keep alive the unconsciousness of moving with freedom, singular ways and reactions. The same applies to Celine's "Travel" crossed by the singular prophetic cynicism of Ferdinand Bardamu anti-hero who through the author finds himself absorbed by a part of the world that he will never understand . The only glimmer, the only certainty, the only morsel of salvation and sometimes beauty is the night, she alone accompanies him on a journey to the limits of human existence.

THE COURT is a curatorial project conceived and developed by the artist Maurizio Vicerè – Vice in collaboration with the Law Firm Di Pietro, Lucchi in Pescara, where visual artists will be invited to relate to the intellectual work of international writers.

Exhibiting artists: Cosimo Casoni, Andrea Martinucci, Marco Strappato
Curated by Maurizio Vicerè.

Voyage au bout de la nuit
THE COURT, December 15 - February 25