Wolfgang Voegele - Sluggo, FIFI Projects


For Wolfgang Voegele, the figuration dissolves in the composition; for him it is about getting to a state in the paintings, where he can paint without thinking.
Voegele works with form in an area between abstraction and figuration, using similar forms in an unpredictable pattern. The artist compares his practice to the automatism of Robert Motherwell, an American painter who formed part of the New York School of abstract expressionism. He elaborates: "There is always a sense of figuration in the paintings, and it is never completely abstract. The forms are always, in some way, figurative by themselves. But together with the other forms in the picture, they dissolve in the composition."

The question remains whether the painting loses its relevance or is going to be replaced by modern media. Voegele states: "Some years ago there was this big talk about painting, and if it was necessary anymore. A very unnecessary question, because painting was always there and it will always be something that we use to express ourselves with. It’s like music, why should it disappear? I often hear the question of what painting can be today, and the funny thing is that there was never an answer, only the question."

Wolfgang Voegele - Sluggo
FIFI Projects, August 21 - October 11