Sarah & Charles’ (1981 & 1979) work is muldisciplinary: installations, sculptures and videos, alternated with soundscapes, performance and photographical work. Always enveloping a broad range of techniques, each applied according to the ideas it wants to transmit. Apart form the studio work, they’ve been commissioned artworks on public space and created several scenographic concepts for dance and theater – in their country and abroad. Their collaboration is extended in large-scale projects such as the short films they’ve produced in the past couple of years. They live and work in Brussels and their collaboration goes back as far as 2004. 

They have been occupying their current studio since 2010. It’s located in the south of Brussels, in the railway station’s neighbourhood. The building also hosts about ten artists in different studios and spaces. Currently they are working on a sculpture for a city park and they’re preparing for a new short movie to be filmed in 2019.

Text by Rusty Shackleford and Alexandre Couto.
Photos by Rusty Shackleford & Manuel Wetscher.

Exclusive article by Aujourd'hui in collaboration with Alberto Baruffato.