Lisbon is trending and not just in its ever-growing tourist numbers. There is a feel of positivity in the city and country, as well as brand new interest in all things Portuguese - including our contemporary art scene and artists. With some very interesting galleries opening up shop in Lisbon, Aujourd’hui presents its updated Gallery Guide to the city, helping locals and visitors alike to know more about the art stops in this iconic, but also exotic, destination. With more to be lauded than just its street canvas always waiting to be photographed, these are the galleries that we visit, follow and love. 


Cristina Guerra’s gallery was founded in 2001, after a cold-call to Lawrence Weiner’s NYC studio. The outcome was Lawrence’s sold-out solo exhibition in Lisbon. Cristina’s gallery continued to shine in our artsphere, representing established international artists such as John Baldessari and Erwin Wurm. It’s portuguese roster is composed by artists such as Julião Sarmento and João Louro, who are taken to an international context by participating in art-fair circuit. And Cristina is amongst the heavyweights with a bang, always present in the Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Address: Rua Santo António à Estrela 33 - Website:


Founded in Oporto in 2007 by Nuno Centeno, the gallery changed its name when Bruno Murias became a partner. The new name brought a new location and a second space was unveiled in Lisbon in 2014. They have already displayed works from emerging and established artists such as Max Ruf, Secundino Hernandez and Dan Rees. With consequent presences in the fair in Madrid, Murias Centeno shows the influence that Portuguese galleries have been building in the Iberian and European context. 

Address: Rua Capitão Leitão 10/16 - Website:


Madragoa is a new entry in our gallery guide. Opening up in Lisbon in 2016, in the historical neighborhood of Madragoa, the gallery quickly found a way to lisboners hearts, attracting lots of visitors to its openings. With a roster of artists including Renato Leotta, Luís Lázaro Matos, Adrian Balseca and Deanne Havas, Madragoa has already opened a new floor to showcase its artists. The gallery has already participated in Artissima, where it was nominated for the best booth and for The Reda Prize for Joanna Piotrowska’s work – which they won. 

Address: Rua do Machadinho 45 - Website:


Pedro Cera is a gallery open since 1998 in Lisbon. Located near Estrela, this gallery presents about six different shows a year since its inception, representing Portuguese and international artists such as Adam Pendleton and Vitor Pomar. Another example of the national art fever, Pedro Cera is present in the international art fair circuit by participating in fairs such as, Artissima and Art Basel. 

Address: Rua do Patrocínio 67 - Website:


MÅTTEBY-4.GUNDAM AIR 2017jpg.jpg

Hawaii-Lisbon brought some warm vibes to Lisbon since in it opened in 2016. Located in area of Parede, where its director lives, the gallery also has plans to open up shop in the city center, but the seaside is so pleasant that this location will stay open. The gallery director, Mikael Larsson, studied Cinema and Fine Arts in London, but has worked in some household names of the contemporary art world, like Hauser & Wirth, Christie’s, Whitechapel Gallery and Seventeen. The gallery’s roster show that its insight was needed, introducing and presenting Giorgio Sadotti, Alice Ronchi, Margarida Gouveia and Daniel Van Straalen, among others. Since Hawaii’s market is international, they plan to show more Portuguese artists in the future. The gallery has been invited to participate in Arco Lisbon, and will also participate in Art Rotterdam and Artissima in 2017.

Address: Rua Teofilo Braga 14A, Parede - Website:


Andrea Baginski Champalimaud founded Galeria Baginski in 2002, a space in Principe Real dedicated to photography. Ten years and a warehouse later – a really big one in Beato - Andrea presents an eclectic roster of artists in all mediums. Showcasing works from artists such as Paulo Bringhenti and Bruno Cidra has won Galeria Baginski a distinct place in the Lisbon gallery map. 

Address: Rua Capitão Leitão 51/53 - Address:


Galeria Filomena Soares was born with a noble purpose: making the work easier for the Portuguese artistic production and exhibiting. Since 1999, the gallery has shown remarkable works from national and international artists, such as Peter Zimmermann, Helena Almeida and João Penalva. With a strong bet on the art fair circuit, this gallery is present in more than ten events every year, in household names such as Art Brussels, Madrid, Paris Photo and Art Rio.

Address: Rua da Manutenção 80 - Website:


Pedro Alfacinha was founded in 2014, displaying mainly photography in its first year. Working with artists such as André Príncipe and John Divola. The gallery has currently expanded its program outside photography and shows new artists such as von Calhau! and Pedro Henriques. 

Address: Rua de São Mamede 25 - Website:


3+1 opened in February 2007 with the aim of promoting emerging and established Portuguese and international artists, whose works illustrate the lush diversity of contemporary art practices. Doing exactly that, its roster includes Claire de Santa Coloma, João Ferro Martins, Carlos Nogueira, Carlos Noronha Feio, Sam Smith, Sara e André and Teresa Braula Reis. The presentation of contemporary international artists, little known by the Portuguese public, as well as emerging national talent, proved to be a successful formula, bringing 3 + 1 the respect and awe of the public. Committed to its evolution and development, the gallery has already started to participate in international events, showing up in art fairs like Arte Lisboa, ArtBA, ARCO Madrid and Artissima.

Address: Largo Hintze Ribeiro 2E-F - Website:


Appleton Square wishes to bring together indisputable names of the creative national scene – be it visual artists, designers or architects – mixed with the emerging production, on the brink of joining the mainstream. The gallery was founded in 2007 with a solo exhibition by Lawrence Weiner and has already displayed the work of Pedro Cabrita Reis, José Pedro Croft, Miguel Palma and Jorge Molder. This topnotch talent makes it a very interesting gallery. Or square. 

Address: Rua Acácio Paiva 27 - Website:


kunsthalle lissabon.jpg

The Kunsthalle Lissabone – founded in 2009 - calls itself a scam, but only in a strictly grammatical point of view. And there is a joke behind this name. After all, a Kunsthalle is a german word for an art mounting facility often operated by a non-profit Kunstverein or “art association”. The punchline is that founders João Mourão and Luis Silva chose this name to prove that they can have quality work in their program without the funds or dimensions of a museum or real kunsthalle. Believing that while exhibiting work from Pedro Barateiro and Amalia Pica is dead serious. 

Address: Rua José Sobral Cid 9 - Website:


SYNTAX started as a pop-up gallery, before settling in its own location. The project, a non-commercial gallery, is developed by Markéta Stará Condeixa and works as art structure devoted to production, presentation and promotion of international contemporary art practice in Lisbon. Like the SYNTAX name shows, the main purpose of the gallery is to create relations between the work of international artists and art practitioners coming to Lisbon, and the local art context they are confronted with.
Don’t miss out on the bookshop inside the space.

Address: Rua Coronel Ferreira do Amaral 21A - Website:

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