Installation view,  Kelly Bar , PANE Project

Installation view, Kelly Bar, PANE Project

 Michele Gabriele,  m-lnx2015 (pink/pussy & blue/mood) , 2015

Michele Gabriele, m-lnx2015 (pink/pussy & blue/mood), 2015

 Rosa Ciano,  Ready for the fog , 2015

Rosa Ciano, Ready for the fog, 2015

 Leon Eisermann,  Comme des Croissants , 2015

Leon Eisermann, Comme des Croissants, 2015

 Leon Eisermann,  Comme des Croissants , 2015

Leon Eisermann, Comme des Croissants, 2015

 Ella Plevin,  Handwriting on napkins , 2016

Ella Plevin, Handwriting on napkins, 2016

 Quintessa Matranga,  “Bearly Surviving (3)” , 2016

Quintessa Matranga, “Bearly Surviving (3)”, 2016

 Quintessa Matranga,  “Bearly Surviving (3)” , 2016

Quintessa Matranga, “Bearly Surviving (3)”, 2016

 Bruno Zhu,  Best Wishes , 2016

Bruno Zhu, Best Wishes, 2016

 Bruno Zhu,  Best Wishes , 2016

Bruno Zhu, Best Wishes, 2016

 Kareem Lofty,  Le Monde Chico , 2015

Kareem Lofty, Le Monde Chico, 2015

KELLY BAR is not the usual Chinese cafè; rather it is a westernized place that fully reflects the imagined expectations of a young Chinese teenager while walking along via Pellegrino Rossi in Milan. It’s a dream come true, the starting point to rewrite a NEW and EXCITING story.
The menu DOESN’T list abstruse and exotic Chinese dishes with bright names, but comforting stuffed sandwiches, sumptuous cocktails, tasty colorful salads and fragrant breakfast items.
The TV screen, surrounded by plants in bloom, broadcasts Italian programs which emphasize the passion for the change.

CIAO CIAO Chinatown, void of any distinct interpretation!

Exhibiting Artists: Martina Alemani, Enrico Boccioletti, Lucy Chinen, Rosa Ciano, Nina Cristante, Adam Cruces, Leon Eisermann, Michele Gabriele, Ilja Karilampi, Lucia Leuci, Kareem Lotfy, Quintessa Matranga, Jan Broz & Richard Nikl, Ella Plevin, Fabio Santacroce, Anna Solal, Bianca Stoppani, Marco Tempesta, Pieter Vermeulen and Bruno Zhu.

Kelly Bar
Pane Project,  Cafè al 5, 14-17 January